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4 Important Questions to Ask When Looking for a Therapist

Therapy is beneficial for many people for multiple reasons aside from struggling with mental health. In fact, about 16% of Gen X and 21% of Millennials are involved in therapy, and the number is increasing with each generation. However, finding the right therapist can be challenging, especially if you’ve never looked for one before. To help you on your journey, here are four key questions to ask yourself when researching a new therapist.

  1. What kind of therapeutic services do they offer? It’s important to make sure that your potential therapist is compatible with your specific needs. For instance, if you’re suffering from grief or PTSD, you may find that a therapist who specializes in these specific areas may be able to help you more effectively. Additionally, some therapists may focus their practice on certain models of therapy, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, while others may offer a wider array of services.
  2. What are their credentials? When researching a therapist, it’s important to understand their credentials. Before making your first appointment with a new therapist, check to see what kind of degree or degrees your therapist has, what training they have been through, and what their work history has been. Remember, even if you are paying with insurance, you are still investing your time and energy into the appointments with your therapist and it’s important to ensure that you’re making the most of that time.
  3. Are they compatible with you? You should always make sure your therapist is compatible with you in terms of their personality, therapy services, and style. Before you begin scheduling consultations, think of your ideal therapist and the traits you would like them to possess. Usually, you will be able to get a sense of your potential therapist’s style during your first meeting with them, after which you can decide whether or not you want to start treatment with them.
  4. Do they accept your insurance? A common concern among those looking to start therapy is how to find a therapist that accepts insurance. Whether you have Cigna insurance or another carrier, there are ways to ensure your therapist accepts your insurance. First, try to search on Google for local therapists that accept Cigna Insurance, or whatever insurance you have. When browsing through the results, it’s recommended to visit each therapist’s website to ensure they accept your insurance. To make things a little easier, Collective Counseling Solutions offers a filtering system that enables you to look for therapists that accept your insurance and offer the specific services you’re looking for.

Finding a new therapist can be a stressful endeavor, especially when you aren’t certain of where to begin. Collective Counseling Solutions offers to take the stress out of your therapy search. If you’re looking for a new therapist that accepts your Cigna insurance, Aetna insurance, or Blue Cross Blue Shield, contact us to learn more about our therapy services today.

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