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4 Myths About Seeing a Therapist You Can Drop

Advocacy for mental health awareness is at the forefront of society now more than ever. A 2018 survey by Barna showed that one-fifth of millennials (21%) and 16% of Gen Xers are currently in therapy. Sadly, counseling remains a shrouded subject, with a lot of misinformation that tends to push people away.


As a therapist finder website, Collective Counseling Solutions aims to provide accurate information on therapy, thus combating any reservations that you may have against getting help. Here are four myths about counseling that you may need to drop.


  1. Therapy is for the Weak
    Stereotypes against people that decide to seek help may push them to believe that they are weak or incapable of solving their problems. However, the reality is that most people going to therapy are normal, capable, everyday Americans. Therapy is not always about extreme cases, rather, it can be used as a tool to help anyone get through tough situations or experiences that may feel overwhelming.

    With the help of a therapist finder website, you can find a counselor that can help you adjust to major life changes, process grief, manage your anger, work on your self-image, and other common issues. 
  2. Therapy is Expensive
    Another common misconception is that therapy sessions are endless and can become quite costly. A study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry shows nearly half of people in therapy had three to ten sessions.

    Only one in nine required twenty sessions and above. In addition, therapist finder websites can help you locate a provider that takes insurance. Another option is to pursue an in-network counselor as doing so can help offset some of the out-of-pocket costs when attending a therapy appointment. 
  3. You Don’t Need Counseling if You Have Friends and Family
    While it’s essential to have a strong support system around you, some family and friends can quickly turn into enablers. The relationship can easily become strained, especially if they cannot handle the complexities of your issues. A therapist finder website can link you to a counselor that will only focus on your issues. You do not have to edit your feelings while at their office. 
  4. Therapists Only Blame and Shame
    Television shows and movies will often portray a therapist taking sides against their clients, belittling and shaming them. In reality, therapists are compassionate, with part of the job being to separate the client’s feelings of fear, judgment, or dislike that can affect their treatment.

    Each counselor has their unique approach, depending on their own philosophies and specialization. A therapist finder website can help in finding the right therapist that allows you to experience emotional breakthroughs at your defined pace.


Therapy sessions are key for optimal mental and physical health. Do not let the four myths above or any other questionable information hold you back from seeking help with a counselor. Collective Counseling Solutions is a therapist finder website that can link you with professional, accredited therapists that can accept your insurance and work with you wherever you are.

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