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Erik J Petersen, LPC

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As a compassionate and experienced Licensed Professional Counselor, I believe that every individual has the potential to navigate the complexities of life, even when the waters seem too turbulent to traverse. My passion lies in assisting those who are silently battling the storms of loss and transition in a world that often dismisses their struggles with a hasty “Move on”, “its been a year”, or “does that still bother you?”

Do you ever feel like life is an intricate dance where the steps keep changing? Those moments when you find yourself trapped in the whirlwind of doubt, clinging to old patterns, or concealing your true feelings because it feels like no one truly understands or has the time to listen. If this resonates with you, then you’ve found a safe harbor here.

My own journey, dotted with personal losses and transformative experiences, has instilled in me the value of confronting grief and change, not as a burden but as a gateway to resilience and self-discovery. By acknowledging our vulnerabilities and the complexities of our experiences, we unlock deeper connections with ourselves and others.

If you’re navigating through the fog of loss (and this can be any loss from marriage, death, infertility, being fired, or loss of innocence) and you are feeling as though life is relentlessly challenging, I’m here to support you. Together, we’ll delve into your narrative, illuminate the obscured parts, and seek clarity and meaning. Employing a fusion of therapeutic approaches, including grief counseling suing the Companioning Model, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, and a sprinkle of light-heartedness (because a little laughter goes a long way in healing), you will teach me about your journey through both the peaks and valleys.

As a father of a 2 year old and 9 year old, I’ve become adept at finding balance amidst chaos and discovering joy in life’s unexpected twists. This makes me more than ready to accompany you on your path to reconciliation and growth.

Are you seeking a listener, a guide, someone who appreciates that life’s beauty often lies in the present, not in the answers we seek? Someone who understands that life is about embracing each moment with all its imperfections? Then, perhaps, I’m the counselor you’ve been looking for.

I would be privileged to be part of your journey, because as I believe, “The essence of care is not in grand gestures but in the genuine presence and understanding.”

You deserve a life not just of survival, but one brimming with fulfillment, strength, joy and peace. I am for you.   Let’s connect and embark on this path together.


  • M.S. in Clinical Counseling, Regis University
  • B.S. Psychology, Southern Adventist University


  • Couples/Families
  • Trauma/PTSD
  • Stress Management
  • Adults
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief and Loss

Insurance Accepted

  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Self-Pay
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