From Humble Beginnings

The Co-Owners of Collective Counseling Solutions, Nicholas Mancini, LPC, LMFT & Eric Hilborn, LPC, had their own humble beginnings working in community mental health agencies and group practices before discovering the true fulfillment that would come from running their own full-time private practices. Meeting in Denver, Colorado and creating a collective partnership, Nick and Eric learned the value of collaboration, genuine support, and generosity when navigating the various decisions that are integral when operating an independent and autonomous practice.

Nick and Eric discovered that the key to running a consistently successful and thriving private practice came from contracting with commercial insurance payers while streamlining the administrative duties of private practice so they could focus their energy on providing high-quality clinical care and growing their practices.

Private practice can at times be a lonely pursuit, and here at Collective Counseling Solutions, we believe that working together provides invaluable benefits at both a personal and professional level. From leveraging collective bargaining power to increase contracted rates with insurers, offloading the hassle of billing, referring prospective clients within a trusted network, and getting access to clinical consultation and collaboration opportunities, Collective Counseling Solutions aims to share the model that allowed Nick and Eric to meet and surpass their professional and financial goals to support their families and desired lifestyle.

Let’s Build Something Together.

We invite you to join us in a discussion about your personal and professional goals in the counseling profession. Our field often demands that we give a great deal of ourselves to better serve our clients, and our hope is that we can give back to you in a way that profoundly transforms your career aspirations.

Meet Our Team

Nichola Mancini from Collective Counseling Solutions

Nicholas Mancini, LMFT, LPC

Eric Hilborn from Collective Counseling Solutions

Eric Hilborn, LPC