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Support to Build Your Practice

We take care of insurance credentialing, offer pro-bono start-up business coaching with ongoing support every step of the way, provide billing and benefit verification services, and assist with marketing and referral stream development so you can focus more of your energy on providing clinical care and less on the administrative aspects of running your practice.

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To build a national collective of skilled and passionate clinicians in private practice who are committed to growth, professional development, and accessibility to care for clients wishing to use their insurance benefits.


Helping licensed therapists actualize their dream of creating a thriving private practice.


What We Stand For


Helping you generate client referrals to grow your practice while ensuring that you receive fair compensation for accepting insurance.

We will work on your behalf to generate direct referral streams for your private practice through online SEO/marketing of your profile on our website and establishment of referral relationships with local primary care offices, intensive outpatient programs, and hospital systems in your area. We will advocate each year to increase contract rates with insurance panels so you are progressively compensated more for the hard and valuable work that you perform.


Fostering connection with other licensed therapists in private practice.

Joining our collective affords you the opportunity to connect with other licensed therapists in private practice in your area, facilitating opportunity for clinical collaboration, development of consultation group supports, and inter-referral opportunities to help clients get access to the practitioners who are best trained to meet their specialized needs.


Become a practice that makes seeking mental health care easy, affordable, and accessible to your prospective clients.

We believe strongly in our clients’ right to utilize their insurance benefits for mental health treatment, and our therapists are passionate about increasing accessibility to care for clients who may not be able to afford private pay rates, but can afford their copay or deductible. Many of our contracts include teletherapy options, so location, extenuating circumstances, and access to transportation is not a barrier to accessibility to care.


Competitive compensation for the important work you do, ensuring that we all grow together.

We believe that our therapists should be compensated well for the time, investment, and passion that they bring to running their private practice, which is why we offer a very competitive fee split that outmatches any group practice we’ve ever come across. We perform insurance credentialing, business consultation, marketing, and referral stream development at no cost to the clinician. We believe so strongly in our business model that we know if we put in the free time and investment in supporting your practice start-up and development, it will come back around to help us all grow together.


Freedom to run your practice the way that works best for your individualized needs.

All of our therapists own their own businesses. We value allowing our therapists to operate with full autonomy and run their practice in the way that works best for their specific needs, as we believe this is what breeds agency, creativity, and ingenuity. Thus, our therapists choose which EHR system they prefer to use, where they rent or sublet affordable office space, what their operating hours are, what their private pay rates are, whether they operate in-person or telehealth practices, and other important business decisions with no mandates from the collective.

Join Our Collective

Let us take care of the administrative aspects of running your private practice, so you can focus more of your energy on providing the quality clinical care that drives your passion