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Collective Counseling Solutions

We are a national collective of skilled and passionate clinicians in private practice who share in the common value of accepting your insurance benefits for mental health treatment. Collective Counseling Solutions is the best way to find the help you need through your insurance company.

Our therapists live and practice all over the country, offering high-quality mental health counseling to clients of all genders, age ranges, orientations, and cultural/ethnic backgrounds. With an emphasis on diversity of specialties, training, and education, we’re confident that we’re the best way to find a therapist who is licensed and suited to meet your personal needs.

Check out our Locations tab to see if we currently have licensed therapists offering counseling services in your state or city. If not, don’t be discouraged: Each year, we’ll be working to grow our collective by expanding into new states and cities across the country!


Making it simple and easy for you to connect with the skilled, licensed therapist who will accept your insurance and empathically guide you along your journey to healing and recovery.


Access to highly-trained, licensed therapists who accept insurance, with offerings of both in-person and teletherapy options available.

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Easily Connect with a Therapist

Seeking mental health therapy from a licensed therapist in private practice should not be reserved for only those who can afford to pay hundreds of dollars a week in private pay fees. At Collective Counseling Solutions, we’ll help you get connected to the right therapist for you and ensure that your therapist accepts your insurance benefits to make therapy affordable. You pay your premiums for quality health insurance every month, and here at Collective Counseling Solutions, we believe that entitles you to use your insurance benefits to improve your mental health and well-being!

If transportation issues, a tight work schedule, or a global pandemic are making it difficult for you to engage in therapy at this time, Collective Counseling Solutions has your solution for seeking the mental health care you need! Most of our therapists are offering teletherapy services, so you can engage with counseling from the comfort of your home using your computer or preferred mobile device.

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In-Person or TeleHealth

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Find and Keep the Therapist You Need

Have you ever found yourself searching desperately online for a therapist who will accept your insurance, only to find out that everyone is either full and not accepting new clients, doesn’t respond to your phone calls or email inquiries, or expects you to pay hundreds of dollars a week to see them private pay? Collective Counseling Solutions makes it easy for you to find an available therapist in your area who accepts your insurance.

Have you ever found yourself seeing a therapist that you love who accepts your insurance, but then you change jobs or your employer switches health plans, and you come to find out that the therapist you’ve been seeing doesn’t accept your new insurance? Now you’re forced to pay high private pay costs or choose to leave the therapy that is working best for you to search for a new counselor, one that you’re not even sure will be a good fit. Not at Collective Counseling Solutions! Most of our therapists accept all the major, commercial insurance carriers in your area, so even if your health insurance changes, you will likely still be able to stay with your preferred therapist and have them accept your benefits.

Not to fret, as many of our therapists offer teletherapy as an option to increase accessibility to care for those who find it difficult to meet with a therapist in-person. All you need is a solid internet connection and you can meet with your therapist using your preferred computer or mobile device at a time that is convenient for your busy schedule.

Are You A Licensed Therapist?

Helping licensed therapists actualize their dream of creating a thriving private practice.

Let us take care of the administrative aspects of running your private practice, so you can focus more of your energy on providing the quality clinical care that drives your passion.