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3 Essential Traits to Seek in a Therapist

Counseling can be beneficial for everyone. Discussing problems or issues you may be facing or even just getting a little extra help when needed are a few of the benefits of having a therapist. d

However, it can be difficult to find a new therapist, especially if you are uncertain how to find someone that accepts United Healthcare Insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, or other insurance provides. As each person has different needs, it’s important to spend time carefully searching for the right therapist. Here are a few tips to assist you in your search. 

1. Type of Therapy

One important factor in determining whether or not you have found the right therapist is to evaluate what kind of therapy you are looking for. For example, consider whether in-person or online counseling would work better for you and your schedule. In-person therapy can be more intimate and may allow you to build a better connection with your therapist. Although, it may be inconvenient as you will have to meet in a physical location.  Online therapy is helpful when seeking an at-home session or for those in areas where access to therapy or mental health professionals may prove difficult.

2. Affordability

Another important factor to consider is the cost of therapy. If you are seeking therapists that accept United Healthcare Insurance, it will not make sense to search for therapists that accept Blue Cross Blue Shield. Typically, therapists will provide information regarding insurance providers on their websites, but if they do not you are encouraged to send an email or give a call for clarification. Remember, therapy should be accessible and affordable, it should not break the bank or your wallet.

3. Style

You also want to ensure you are compatible with the personal style of the therapist and that you are comfortable. Consider what may affect your comfort level, such as asking yourself if gender or age impact how you feel?  Do you prefer a therapist that is more laid back and carefree or would you prefer someone goal-focused with specific tasks? Once you’ve determined the traits you seek in a therapist, you will be certain to find one that meets your specific needs. 

Whether you’re seeking therapists that accept United Healthcare Insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, or other providers, there are options available to you. For more information and to aid in your search, visit Collective Counseling Solutions. 

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