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Does Insurance Cover Therapy? What You Should Know

If you are considering going to therapy, you are not alone. As an example, one-fifth of Millennials (21%) and 16 percent of Gen X are currently engaged in therapy. Because so many people are currently engaged in therapy, there has been a lot of pressure on insurance companies to cover the cost of therapy. If you are looking for therapy, health insurance coverage may be a concern. If you have a solid health insurance provider, there is a good chance that your policy will provide some level of coverage.

Common Insurance Coverage

If you are like many people, you may get your health insurance through your job. Even though you have a few options available, you do need to read carefully to see whether your insurance plan covers therapy. Typically, insurance companies will only pay for medically necessary services. That is why many companies do not cover cosmetic surgery. At the same time, does this mean they cover therapy? In order for health insurance providers to pay for therapy, they will usually require a mental health diagnosis from a licensed provider. Therefore, you may have to see a trained mental health professional before you enroll in therapy. A mental health provider will be looking for sleep problems, phobias, and a number of other common symptoms that describe a specific mental illness.

What About Online Therapy?

Today, a lot of people are looking for therapy they can go to online. Instead of having to drive a long way or wait for an appointment, they may be able to meet with a mental health professional faster. Some insurance companies are struggling to catch up to this latest trend; however, there are a lot of health insurance plans that do cover online therapy. You should read the details of your plan carefully to see if you have coverage for online therapy.

Check Your Insurance Plan Carefully

If you are thinking about enrolling in therapy, make sure you check your coverage before you schedule an appointment. Even though a lot of health insurance companies, including many United Healthcare Insurance plans, will cover online therapy, this is not universal. Finally, if you have questions or concerns about your health insurance coverage when it comes to online therapy, do not hesitate to call your provider and ask. There’s a good chance they are used to getting these types of questions.

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