how to find a therapist that accepts insurance

How Can I Find a Therapist That Accepts My Insurance?

Therapy can be a great tool for many people. However, finding a therapist that accepts your insurance can be a challenge. While 30% of adults looking for a therapist are doing so on a doctor’s recommendation, there are some tools available that can help you if you are looking for a therapist on your own.

How to Find a Therapist That Accepts Insurance

One of the biggest barriers to finding a therapist can be affordability. Fortunately, many insurance companies can assist in the cost of therapy, provided you’re able to find a therapist that takes your insurance. When looking into how to find a therapist that accepts insurance, you should first contact your insurance company to determine which types of services are covered. For instance, if you currently have a Medicaid plan, mental health care should be covered. Many large employers also offer benefits that cover at least a portion of mental health care as well. If you are unsure, you should contact your insurance provider for clarification.

Once coverage has been determined, you can begin seeking therapists. Of course, you can personally contact therapists to see if they will take your insurance, however, this can be a lengthy process. Instead, ask your insurance company if they are able to offer a list of in-network therapists in your area. Oftentimes, insurance companies can provide this list or this information can be found via your insurance company’s website directory.

Out of Network Options

If you are unable to find a therapist in your network that offers the services you seek, check with your insurance company regarding coverage for out-of-network therapy sessions. While not all insurance companies will cover out-of-network therapists, if your company will, you will have more flexibility in finding the right therapist for you. However, it is worth pointing out, that even if your insurance company covers out-of-network sessions, you might end up paying more for the service. In some instances, you may even need to meet a deductible minimum before their coverage kicks in.

Sliding Scales

If during your search on how to find a therapist that accepts insurance hasn’t provided the results you seek, you can contact different therapists in your area to inquire about other options such as sliding scales. While, on average, an out-of-pocket therapy session can cost anywhere from $100 to $250, depending on the area in which you live, you might be able to attend sessions at a lower cost if you are able to find an office that operates on a sliding scale. Simply put, a sliding scale payment system allows therapists to adjust charges based on a patient’s income levels, although the amount will vary between offices.

Although many office websites will list if they operate using a sliding scale, you can still call the office and ask for their rates or the different types of payment options they accept. This will allow you to get a better idea of which office will work best for you.

If you are wondering how to find a therapist that accepts insurance, consider these above options to help ease the burden in finding the right therapist for you. Furthermore, by taking the time to speak with and research different therapists in your area, you can get a better idea of their services and how they have benefited past clients. Remember to always read reviews and don’t hesitate to contact multiple offices until you are confident that you found a therapist you can rely on.


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