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What Do Couples Do in Therapy?

Couples therapy is best described as a specific type of counseling that focuses on not only the individual but the partnership between two people. At Collective Counseling Solutions, we know that strengthening the bond between patients is critical to helping them overcome emotional traumas, continued conflict, or concerns that they are unable to resolve on their own without a helpful and observant third-party professional.

What is couples therapy?

Sometimes referred to as relationship therapy or marriage counseling, couples therapy is a specific form of psychotherapy that is designed to improve the relationship between two people. With the help of a licensed, skilled therapist, couples can use strategies to address communication problems, overcome infidelity, enhance intimacy, strengthen commitment, and resolve certain types of conflicts that continually arise between the two. It can also assist in resolving parenting conflicts and financial disagreements by integrating a third-party individual to bring insight to the couple and help guide them toward resolution.

What do couples do in couples therapy?

Depending on the concerns at hand, a counselor will develop a plan of action to help rebuild the relationship and address problems that may be impacting it. Some of the steps that might be taken include:

· The Gottman Method. The Gottman Method is a specific approach that can rebuild commitment and trust by responding positively to the other individual, managing conflicts without damaging the relationship, and building “love maps” to better understand one’s past.

· Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Also known as CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy is focused on helping couples identify the patterns that often bring them into conflict and disagreement and replacing them with positive approaches to rebuild the relationship and trust that might no longer be present.

· Emotional Focused Therapy. Also known as EFT, it is a popular approach in couples therapy as it focuses on the identification and transformation of negative interactions that often sparks an emotional distance between couples. Identifying these patterns, understanding the emotions behind them, and developing new ways to reconnect are the focus of EFT.

· Strategy development. When our therapists determine the specific sources of contention that lead couples to the office, they are then able to help couples determine what strategies can be used to make interactions more positive and help in both healing and recovery from past experiences and traumas. With long-term implementation, many of our couples find success and are able to move past difficult periods and rebuild their relationship into a stronger bond with time.

What are the benefits of engaging in couples therapy?

· Improved communication between partners

· Improved emotional connection

· Learning conflict resolution skills for constructive improvements

· Renewed commitment between partners

· The ability to move forward from trauma and emotional experiences

· The chance to rebuild a relationship that is not as strong as it has been in the past

How do I know if couples therapy is right for me?

If you are struggling with your partnership and feel as though you need the help of a trained and experienced professional and team to guide you through your journey together, the team at Collective Counseling Solutions can assist. We understand that sometimes couples therapy can be used to keep a marriage or relationship together while tightening the bond between each individual and allowing them to grow and heal as one. Collective Counseling Solutions can help you find the best therapist to meet your needs. Invest in your relationship for long-term success and fulfillment by considering couples counseling to get you through your troubles in a safe and healthy environment.

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